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Angsana Spa

Angsana Spa, operated by the internationally renowned Banyan Tree group, is a world class spa with its own unique blend of natural oils from organic fruits and flowers. In addition to the ancient healing of aromatherapy, the spa offers a combination of eastern and western massage therapy methods, which will truly and deeply relax your mind, body and soul.

Angsana Spa takes its name from the exotic Angsana Tree – a tall, tropical rainforest tree noted for its crown of golden, fragrant flowers, which bursts into bloom unexpectedly. The Angsana teaches one to live life spontaneously, to sense the moment and savour time as it passes inexorably.

Its signature Angsana Massage was created exclusively for Angsana Spa. Using Euphoria Oil, extracts from Ylang Ylang, Litsea Cubeba and Sweet Basil, this unique treatment induces deep relaxation, relieves tension and aids blood circulation.

The Angsana Spa offers a wide variety of customized spa services for both male and female guests, where you can truly enjoy the pampering you deserve.


※Hotel guests enjoy 15% off on 60-minute or more treatments.

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