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International Banquet Hall

(Monet Hall/Matisse Hall)

※Location: B1, Castle

※Seating Capacity:
◎International Banquet Hall (8897.5 SQ FT)
Classroom Seating: 350 persons
Theater Seating: 625 persons
Table Event Seating: 60 tables/600 persons (excluded the stage)
Floor Plan of International Banquet Hall

◎Monet Hall (5374 SQ FT)
Classroom Seating: 202 persons
Theater Seating: 360 persons
Table Event Seating: 35 tables/350 persons
Floor Plan of Monet Hall

◎Matisse Hall (3559 SQ FT)
Classroom Seating: 148 persons
Theater Seating: 240 persons
Table Event Seating:25 tables/ 250 persons
Floor Plan of Matisse Hall

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