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Recreation - Chef's Garden HuaLien Hotel

Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui, Hualien
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Chef’s Garden

Welcome to the Chef’s Garden. Amidst the greenery, herbs, fruits, vegetables, flowers, and crops …… are all carefully planted by the hotel team and nourished by the crisp air, land and water of Hualien. A gift from nature presented to you. The hotel offers “Stone Boiling” ingredients according to the season, so you can taste the freshness of the produce and experience the DIY fun of picking plants and cooking.


Location: Please enter from the side door next to the Children’s Electric Vehicles.

Opening hours: 15:00-17:00 (subject to weather)


Notes for Entering the Chef’s Garden:

  1. Please walk cautiously when entering/exiting the Chef’s Garden; please do not run to avoid danger.
  2. Please watch out for your own safety all the time for fast vehicles driving on the neighboring country roads.
  3. The Chef’s Garden is a natural agriculture/animal husbandry environment, please take note to avoid mosquito and bug stings.


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