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Wellness And Spa Center Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui, Hualien

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Wellness And Spa Center

The Wellness and Spa Center offers DIY classes for the whole family. It is also the entrance to the Water Park, and provides rubber slippers, towels and locker key wristbands. The center has shower facilities on the ground floor, equipped with toiletries, hairdryers and swimwear dryers, everything you need after a relaxing dip in the Water Park.


※Towels, slippers and bottled water are available upon request, as well as sensor lockers to store your personal belongings.

Indoor Water Jet Massage Pools
Connected with the Wellness and Spa Center, the large Water Park has four pool areas: the Golden Spring Pools, the Golden Bar Pools, the Water...
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Swimming Pool
The standard sized 7-lane, 25-meter indoor pool is covered in serenity blue. Have a rigorous workout or some family splash fun, and take a break...
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Beauty Salon
Enjoy beauty services while relaxing in peaceful and welcoming surroundings. The Beauty Salon will make you feel fresh and bring you a wonderful vacat...
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The spacious, elegant Sauna has a variety of water therapy pools, a steam room, an oven and an infrared tanning facility, everything you need to...
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