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Water Park Grand Cosmos Resort Ruisui, Hualien

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Water Park

The Water Park is the first water park in Taiwan to feature both hot spring pools and family pools. From cold to hot, indoor to outdoor, the 108 uniquely shaped pools are spread over the vast park ground, surrounded by beautiful landscaping and majestic mountains beyond, perfect for family getaways year-round.

The composition of the hot spring in the hotel is similar to one of three Japanese ancient springs “Arima Onsen”. The iron-rich hot spring water turns light yellow and murky at the surface due to oxidation, and is therefore dubbed the Golden Spring. The park has four areas: the Golden Spring Pools, the Golden Bar Pools, the indoor/outdoor Water Jet Massage Pools and Kids Pools. Hope from one pool to the next, the fun never ends!

Golden Spring Pools
Soak away life’s stress and worry in the hot spring water of the Golden Spring Pools, and rejuvenate your body and soul for the rest...
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Golden Bar Pools
The Golden Bar Pools area has large and small pools hidden among the beautiful landscapes, with plenty of lounge chairs for relaxation.
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Outdoor Water Jet Massage Pools
The Water Jet Massage Pools area has different water therapy equipment in both indoor and outdoor pools, offering a wide variety of options for rejuve...
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Kids Pools
The Kids Pools area has a variety of play structures such as slides, ball pool, water guns, big buckets, waterfalls and more, a true water...
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1F Pool Side Bar The elegant and spacious Pool Side Bar is located inside the semi-circular building on the edge of the Water Park. Need some...
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