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Race Track
Get your adrenaline fix with the mini race cars at the Race Track and challenge your maximum speed.   ※Location: Please enter through the F...
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Children's Electric Vehicles
Watch your kids have the time of their lives driving the mini electric cars around the colorful children’s race track! Family vacation is never as...
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Infinity World
The Infinity World is an outdoor playground consisting of large bouncy castles, where children could enjoy jumping, sliding and playing; the laughter ...
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Lush Garden
Away from the bustling city, embrace nature here in the beautifully landscaped Lush Garden, where you can slow down your steps and admire the ever...
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Valentine’s Trail
First thing in the morning or sunset, why not enjoy an invigorating stroll along Valentine’s Trail looking over the castle façade – appreciating the v...
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Golden Trumpet Tree Trail
The golden trumpet trees are worth the visits in every season: the blooms in spring, the seeding in summer, the fullness in fall, and the...
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Taxodium Distichum Trail
The Taxodium Distichum Trail next to the Mansion is one of the most popular photo spots on the resort ground. The trail is particularly breathtaking i...
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Green Yard
Behind Family Villas there lies a field of green grass with pencil-shaped outdoor art pieces and a maze, where families can immerse themselves in natu...
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The Chapel, with its whitewashed walls and simple, holistic design, invokes a sense of fairy tale perfection as it rises up against the deep blue...
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Find everything local in the Square, from native grown fruits and vegetables, unique local snacks and specialties, to aboriginal crafts, products and ...
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