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RC Battle

Who says boats cannot travel on land? Look at Yuzubby driving the coolest yachts and speeding through the curving race track!  At “RC Battle,” there is a winding race track where little car racers can bring their self-assembled hand-painted “RC Battle DIY Remote Control Cars” as they compete with one another to the finish line.  We welcome all kids to come and take the challenge!


※RC Battle Competition Rule:

  1. Participants’ ages are limited to be between 6 – 12 years old.
  2. With advanced reservation for our designated room offers, each room will be gifted with one “RC Battle DIY Remote Control Car” set.
  3. For those guests who did not book our designated room offers, the “RC Battle DIY Remote Control Car” set can be purchased at Wellness and Spa Center. Each set is NT$750 and includes a remote-control car stand, a remote control, a cardboard set, a rainbow pen, a flag pole and car decoration stickers.
  4. Participants will be based on timer records – top three participants with the fastest times will be awarded with winner certificates and gifts.
  5. In case of rain or inclement weather, the game will be stopped. Please refer to on-site notices.

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